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Day 26 - Pensacola, FL to Bonifay, FL

We had lots of pre-ride activity this morning.  Melonie came down to send us off, Joe’s college roommate, Don Schmidtke and his wife and daughters arrived for Don’s cameo ride and Roy Umlauf also came for his two days with us.
We started early and had to clip a few miles off and shuttle at the beginning to avoid the Saturday morning drivers having the sun and our backs right in their eyes.  We ended up with an 84 mile day with a little over 2,000 feet of vertical.

To begin we had some outskirts of Pensacola and “bike trail riding” for about the first 10(+) miles.  Thereafter we enjoyed another 10 miles of country roads before we said goodbye to Don for his cameo appearance on the RAA.  It was great to meet Don and his family and we all really appreciated them interrupting their beach weekend to allow Don to ride with us.

Bob, Joe, Roy and I rode on for the remaining 64 miles on back country roads and Hwy. 90.  We had a great shoulder to ride on and very courteous drivers for the most part.  A little over halfway through the day Bob and Joe had a dog encounter with a dog that chased Joe for quite a while before giving up.  Bob said that the water bottle he was spraying from behind was to no avail.
In the final quarter of the ride we took time to tour the city circle in the historic city of De Funiak Springs.  Here we saw many, very cool, fully restored historic homes.  Right after this late day interruption from our ride, when we returned to the highway shoulder, we stopped to assist a driver in distress who needed help re-lashing a king size mattress to the top of her minivan.  When we came upon her, near tears, she told us that she bought the mattress this morning, the store wouldn’t assist with the lash-down and that she had already stopped three times to try to keep the mattress lashed to her roof.  After re-lashing the mattress we rolled into Bonifay a little later than we had planned but as Joe put it, “We made a deposit in the karma account.”

Baptist Church count – 114

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